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Wargame Vault: Our Story
Wargame Vault is part of a family of sites operated by us here at OneBookShelf. From games, to comics, to fiction, starting an account on any of the sites gives you access to thousands of titles to satisfy the inner geek, grognard and fanboy we all have.

We started in the Fall of 2001 when James Mathe launched RPGNow. This was the same year that Apple launched i-Tunes. While it seems common now to download a title and read it on a computer, tablet or phone, it was still pretty revolutionary then and RPGNow along with a few rpg publishers pioneered download pdfs as a way to make rpg’s more broadly and easily available.

DriveThruRPG was started in 2004 by Mike Todd, Chris McDonough and Steve Wieck.

DriveThruComics came along shortly thereafter, becoming the first online retailer to specialize in offering download-able comics.

DriveThruFiction followed, specializing in science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction.

In 2006, RPGNow and DriveThru merged to form OneBookShelf and the sites were integrated so that customers could log into any of the sites with one customer account.

In 2008, OneBookShelf took over operations of Wargaming Online from Mongoose Publishing and relaunched it as Wargame Vault.

In 2010, we launched a print program allowing many titles to be available once again in print.

For each of our sites, our goal is to offer the widest selection possible to enthusiasts around the world, 24/7 at a click (or a touch).
We are proud to support publishers and creators by giving them a place to share their work with and receive economic support from fans around the world.

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