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What can I use in my titles for Disciples of the Demon Lord?

Your work can use any rules and setting materials from the following supplements published by Schwalb Entertainment:

  • Shadow of the Demon Lord

  • Tombs of the Desolation

  • Terrible Beauty

  • Exquisite Agony

  • Uncertain Faith

  • A Glorious Death

  • The Hunger in the Void

  • Demon Lord’s Companion

  • Demon Lord’s Companion 2

  • Godless

  • Beyond the World’s End

You can also create ancestries, paths, spells, equipment, and monsters.

Schwalb Entertainment will make an Indesign template available through OneBookShelf and you’re welcome to use it in your Disciples of the Demon Lord titles as they become available. Any art, content, maps, and other materials from Shadow of the Demon Lord products is not to be used, but you are free to commission your own art for use within your products.

The Disciples of the Demon Lord is a community resource. This means that you’re also welcome to expand on and adapt work that other authors have created here. You can write part 2 of an adventure you enjoyed, use another author’s villains, or repurpose community-created dueling mechanics. If someone’s work inspired you, and you’d like to build on their characters, stories, or settings, please do credit their original work! It helps the entire community grow.

What can’t I use in my Disciples of the Demon Lord Titles?

For now, we’re only accepting content that relates to the above referenced sourcebooks. As new products are released, we might open up submissions for other settings, worlds, and games for a variety of different genres.

We won’t accept conversions of Shadow into other game systems or rules. We also won’t accept conversions of other intellectual properties (other RPGs, video games, television shows, movies) into Shadow of the Demon Lord. Be inspired by such things but don’t create legal problems.

Finally, titles can’t include Shadow of the Demon Lord mechanics used in non-Shadow of the Demon Lord products. As much as we love roleplaying games, we will not be accepting other settings that use the Demon Lord Engine here.

I’d like to write in a way that matches the tone of SotDL. Any advice?

Write drunk. Edit sober.

What types of content are prohibited?

Shadow of the Demon Lord goes to some really dark places and its unflinching look at horror is one of the game’s great appeals. You should feel free to go as dark and as ugly as you like. There are some limits, though. Don’t publish anything racist, homophobic, discriminatory, or otherwise repugnant; avoid using depictions or descriptions of criminal violence against children, rape, or similar perversions. If you’re in doubt, don’t publish until you have written permission from Schwalb Entertainment.

I’ve created a custom setting for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Can I upload it to the Disciples of the Demon Lord?

Disciples of the Demon Lord content should be created for Shadow if the Demon Lord and take place on Rûl, the Godless setting, or Eremeä (introduced in Beyond the World’s Edge). As much as I love new and different takes on the game system, Disciples of the Demon Lord products should take place in the universe of the Demon Lord.

Can I copy information from Shadow rulebooks into my Disciples of the Demon Lord title?

Feel free to reference the text of official Schwalb Entertainment products, but don’t copy text outright from those books. Your text should be original work.

Can I use iconic characters in my Disciples of the Demon Lord pieces, like Horus, Drudge, or the Matriach?

Hell yes! We’re happy to see any and all characters from the Demon Lord show up in other materials. Keep in mind, materials you create will not be considered canon for the purpose of the developing Demon Lord story line. So if you stick a knife in Drudge and he dies, he’s still going to be alive and well in Schwalb Entertainment products.

Can I publish other materials to the Disciples of the Demon Lord, like artwork, comics, a custom card deck, or an app?

Right now we’re only accepting RPG adventure titles. If this changes, we’ll update that information here!

 How do I prepare the PDF of my title for sale?

There are many different programs to lay out and prepare your book for digital download. Here are some things to help you make sure your PDF will download properly and look great!

CREATE - If you want to lay out your Digital PDF from scratch...

PREP - You've already created your PDF and just need to see if it is all set to upload.

ENHANCE - You've already created your PDF and want to add enhancements.

READY - Once your print files are ready to upload...

UPLOAD - Will show you where and how to upload your files for digital download.


Proper Legal Attribution

The Disciples of the Demon Lord logo must appear on the cover of your work. It must be discernible and legible at normal full-screen viewing size, but does not need to be large and should not be the primary logo or title on the cover.


You may not use the trade dress affiliated with Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG, other Schwalb Entertainment titles, or the Schwalb Entertainment logo except as provided in the templates and logos here.


The following text must appear within your product, wherever the work otherwise lists legal and copyright information:

This product was created under license. Shadow of the Demon Lord is a trademark of Schwalb Entertainment, LLC.

This work contains material that is copyright Schwalb Entertainment, LLC. Such material is used with permission under the Community Content Agreement for the Disciples of the Demon Lord CC.

All other original material in this work is copyright [2018] by [your legal name or company name] and published under the Community Content Agreement for the Disciples of the Demon Lord CC.

All Disciples of the Demon Lord CC content using Schwalb Entertainment property must include the following on the cover: 


Requires Shadow of the Demon Lord from Schwalb Entertainment. Distributed through the Disciples of the Demon Lord Creative Community at DriveThruRPG.

In the Product Description field when setting up the title on DriveThruRPG, you must include:

Requires Shadow of the Demon Lord from Schwalb Entertainment.

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